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We will intent to show you how exciting it is to have an iguana as a pet. Here you can find all about their nature and care. If you are wondering about having an iguana as an animal companion, here you will find how smart and friendly those reptiles are.

Curiosities about Iguanas

Curiosities about Iguanas

Tips for having a Pet Iguana

Tips for having a Pet Iguana

Iguana Care

How taking care of an Iguana?

Baby Iguana

Baby Iguana. How are they born?

Iguanas distinctive aspects

Iguanas distinctive aspects

Iguana Drawings for Coloring

Iguana Drawings for Coloring

What is an Iguana?

The Iguana is a scaly reptile from the family Iguanidae. It is native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean. The genus Iguana includes two species: The Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) and the Caribbean iguana (Iguana delicatissima).

The iguanas as pets

Green iguana

Iguanas normally live in trees, about 1.2 m above the ground. Although they can reach considerable size, they can move quickly between plants and are excellent climbers.

All iguanas have exotic beauty, although it must be said that among iguana lovers, it is the green iguana that is in greatest demand. This is mainly due to its striking color and its relatively docile and sociable character, compared to other sub-species such as the Rhinoceros Iguana, Desert iguanas, or the Marine iguana.

Iguana as a domestic animal

It is not unusual to find an exotic pet reptile in American homes today. Some families prefer to adopt an iguana, a bearded dragon, and even a snake as pets.

Before deciding to adopt one of these beautiful specimens, you should take into account some considerations to see if the reptile in question is the right pet for you. You should know its habits and behavior, as well as its requirements to give it a safe and welcoming home and not to disturb your family environment.

If you want a pet to come to you when you call it. To look for the ball, then having a pet iguana is not your thing. These reptiles are not very sociable and serve more as a company than playmates.

Before you rush to buy an iguana from your nearest pet store, you should know that you will need certain resources at your disposal beforehand.

The iguana is not an animal that needs many accessories and although several females can live together in relative calm, you should never have two males in the same cage. Otherwise, these beautiful animals usually have a quiet and lonely nature.

Iguana Natural Habitat

In their natural habitat, they usually spend most of their time climbing trees. They only come down to the ground to mate or lay eggs, or to search for food or a better position in the sun.

Iguana Natural Habitat

The iguanas in their wild state populate the wetlands and jungle areas. They can be found from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, and are considered part of the wildlife in Florida State area, where they have a more humid climate and a strong presence of swamps. This makes it possible that we find a great variety of reptiles besides crocodiles, chameleons, snakes, and alligators.

The iguana’s terrarium.

If you want to keep an iguana as a pet, you’ll need a cage to keep it safe. Some iguana lovers indeed prefer to have them running around the house, but there will always be occasions when you have to keep them contained.

Although generally reptile cages are called terrariums, the iguana cage deviates from the traditional sense because of its size.

The terrarium should provide enough space to place a log inside it, where the iguana can climb and feel at ease. these terrariums can be made by yourself or you can buy a professional one.

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to buy a professional terrarium, the only ones that meet the requirements for housing a large reptile such as a green iguana is the Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums. No other commercial terrariums achieve the minimum space requirements for this task.

Once you have the terrarium, the next step is to decorate it.

The first thing to do is to decorate it. For this, you will need a substrate for the terrarium. You can place a layer of soil or gravel on the bottom of the terrarium, so that not only will the animal feel in a wilder environment, but it will also be able to hide the light, heating and humidity wires and thus avoid accidents with your pet’s sharp teeth. You will also need a drinking bowl, a feeding bowl, and a trunk to climb on.

You should make sure that the internal temperature is between 84.2°F and 89.6°F. Remember that iguanas, like most reptiles, do not regulate temperature and require an external source of heat to survive. This heat source can be a UVB 0.5 fluorescent lamp and a ceramic lamp. The former will facilitate the absorption of vitamin D by the iguana, and the latter will provide the heat needed for the animal’s metabolism.

To make the scene complete, you can include natural non-toxic plants and some smooth stones.

What do iguanas eat?

Iguana con tonalidad anaranjada sobre muro

Outside, in its natural habitat, it feeds mainly on plants and insects. At home, you can include fruits and vegetables in its diet and because it is a slow-moving reptile or animal, it does not consume much energy, so it only needs to be fed three times a week.

Keep in mind that her eating habits change as she gets older, so it is recommended that when she gets older, you take her to the vet regularly to determine a more appropriate diet. Veterinarians are the leading experts in this type of situation.

Is it possible to tame an iguana?

The first point to consider when having one of these beautiful specimens at home is how we will adapt to it and it to us.

When they are in heat, during the mating season, they take on an orange coloring, for which it is not recommended to carry them or approach them since they only think about mating and like other animals in this state, they become territorial and lose that docile characteristic, so they can bite with their sharp teeth.

Apart from this, you must take into account never take it by the tail, as it can come off easily. You should take it by the belly, but like any other pet, if it opens its mouth in a threatening sign, grunts, or tries to hit you with its tail, it is a clear sign of Leave me alone, not now!

You can let it run outside its terrarium for an hour a day, to sunbathe and to stretch its body, different from this, they do not require further exercise or precaution.

Iguanas and kids

Green Baby Iguana

First of all, remember that whatever pets you have in the house are your responsibility, pets as well as children, if properly supervised do not open problem.

But leaving aside dad’s tone, it is not advisable to have an iguana as a pet if you also have children, since children may not understand that it is not a toy, regularly violate their space and be victims of bites or whips of their tail.

Since this would be a dangerous combination, it is best to avoid headaches, trips to the doctor, and not to mix your love for reptiles with your love for children, especially when they are young.

The iguana is an animal that has many ways of defending itself, such as its sharp teeth, long whip-like tail, and powerful claws that it uses to support its body vertically or horizontally while climbing trees.

Never grab it by the tail, always by the abdomen.

It can walk around your house or apartment for long periods during the day but do not leave it unsupervised, it can become temperamental or on the contrary, escape from us and never be seen again, unless you are willing to climb trees or swim like an alligator to reach it.

Are iguanas dangerous?

iguana in heat

Iguana in heat, that’s why the orange hue

Like any animal, in its mating season, it will think of one thing and one thing only, to mate. It will take an orange tome and unless it is approached by another iguana of different sex willing to reproduce, it will attack by biting at anything and everything you approach.

Do not carry it, do not pamper it or approach it when it is in this state, it has teeth similar to those of sharks formed by rows when one of its teeth is worn out or has lost its sharpness, its system will discard it to make room for a new and sharp tooth.

Iguana’s teeth

Its teeth are like small serrated blades that cut easily and deeply. You’ll know she’s not in a good mood if she opens her mouth when you approach her.

The main function of their teeth is to feed and hurt when they are not in the mood, this happens specifically during the mating season when they turn to a hostile and territorial temperament.

Other than that, and if you take into account the signs, with an iguana as a pet you will have nothing to worry about for the next 20 years that you have it in your home.

Other reptiles as pets

Did you know that iguanas are not the only reptiles suitable for people to keep the company in their homes, here are the most popular species of reptiles as pets?

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