Fiji Crested iguana

Fiyi Crested iguana

Hello my loving iguanologists, this time I’m talking about the little famous Fiji crested iguana.

Is it a dinosaur, is it a lizard, NO, well lizard, yes, but it is another type of reptile in danger of extinction about to disappear.

It was discovered by accident on a private island in Fiji during the filming of the movie The Blue Lagoon. Until the date of filming, there was no knowledge or documentation of this type of iguana.

Characteristics of the Fiji crested iguana

Among the characteristics of the iguana is a beautiful light green color with several distinctive white stripes unique to this type of reptile. The dark color of the males’ skin is more prominent.

Its tail is twice as long as its own body.

When they are born they are a dark green color, but as they age and change their skin, it becomes more emerald green.

Fiji Crested iguana Food

Fiyi Crested iguana

The Fiji crested iguana is vegetarian, feeding on dry leaves, fruits, flowers, and vegetation shoots.

Reproduction of the Fiji crested iguana.

One of the causes of the danger of extinction of this species is in itself in its reproductive capacity.

Unlike other iguana species, such as the black iguana, females only lay two to four eggs. Also, the incubation period of this lizard is one of the longest in the world of reptiles, nine months from the time the female deposits her eggs to the time she hatches.

Danger of extinction

Fiyi Crested iguana

Unlike other species, this one is not endangered by the action of humans, but by changes in habitat.

An example of this is the strong storms that constantly hit this group of islands. Besides, an outcrop of exotic plants is invading their habitat.

Among the curiosities of the iguana, we see that local predators, such as wild cats, are also responsible for the decrease in numbers of this beautiful specimen. Their small size makes them easy prey for predators.

This type of iguana cannot be a pet for your home. Although if you wanted to keep one of these animals as a pet you would have to take a plane and boat, travel to the Fiji Islands, capture it, violate all controls, face fines, and jail time to keep it at home.

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