Geckos as Pets

Leopard gecko drinking water from a trough

The Gecko lizard is another pet and is typical of warm climate countries. You may have seen it at a friend’s house or you may be willing to adopt one, a phenomenon increasingly popular in countries from which they do not originate.

There is a wide variety to choose from, either by color or size. Here is a summary of the most popular pet Gecko lizards

They are one of the most popular lizards when it comes to adopting this delicate creature as a pet. They’re native to the Middle East, to countries like Afghanistan and India. They have this particular name, as their skin resembles that of a leopard because of the spots on their skin.

The main characteristic of a Gecko reptile

Their main feature is their small size and the little care they require, making them ideal for busy people who want to keep a reptile as a pet but do not have much time each day to give it much care and attention.

They do not require much space, do not produce any kind of smell, and are perfect for small houses or apartments, as their terrariums do not need to be large, ideal for living with children and other pets or people who live alone and leave home all day to work.

Gecko Phelsuma

Gecko baby staring at you

They are stronger in temperament compared to other Gecko lizards, they do not like to be carried.

The subspecies of Giant Geckos are the most desired by people, as they can grow up to 30.5 centimeters and can live an impressive 30 years. They also require more space to live in.

Habitat of a Phelsum gecko lizard

Like a pet Chameleon, you need a terrarium with at least 75 liters of capacity and lights that reach 30°C inside the habitat. You can get them in any reptile shop and they are a type of reptile that requires more care than the Leopard Gecko, maybe they are more sought after by reptile lovers.

Crested Gecko

Crested gecko on green leaves

Gecko Crestados lizards are special for beginners in the world of pet lizards.

Unlike the previous Phelsum Geckos, these beautiful specimens do like to be carried and are popularly known for their impressive jumping ability over distances considerably larger than their size.

They have the great ability to change their skin color from light brown to orange or dark red. They do not require as much maintenance as Phelsum Geckos do.

Coexistence of the male and female crested Gecko lizard

Male Geckos lizards should not live in the same enclosure, as they tend to be territorial and can live by fighting all the time. Females, on the other hand, are more gentle and can live two of the same species together without a problem.

Another advantage of these small reptiles is that they can live at room temperature, which will save us the time of conditioning their cage and will be less costly in terms of care. The ideal pet reptile.

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