A park Owned by iguanas

Green iguana resting on a bench in the park

Did you know that the Green Iguanas have a park for them, where they are the queens and humans only visit them to bring them green iguana food?

Seminary Park or Park of the Iguanas

This is the Seminario Park, also known as the Park of the Iguanas. It is a small, very traditional park located in an urban area of Ecuador, in the city of Guayaquil in a sector called Roca Fuerte.

Iguanas at the park

It is mainly composed of the species Iguana iguana, the most representative species of the domestic iguanas. By 2017, the local census determined that there were about 350 iguanas inside the park.

It was a park of arms founded in 1695 and has been traditionally used by humans to celebrate festivities.

But naturally, they began to be populated with a lot of iguanas without these beautiful specimens being introduced by force.

However, you will not see exotic iguana species such as the Fiji crested iguana, the rhinoceros iguana, or the black iguana in this park.

Mother and daughter taking pictures with the iguanas

It is a public park, just by entering you will be amazed by the number of iguanas you will find. These iguanas are not found on the trees but crawling on the ground, as they have become accustomed, not only to the presence of humans but are also used to visitors feeding them vegetables and fruits.

Recommendation for visitors

Visitors have free access because it is a public park, they are given certain recommendations such as not to disturb the specimens or give them food such as meat or fish that can poison them, nor can you just take one and take it home.

A large number of iguanas sunbathing and feeding

Furthermore, it is a quiet environment, where you can spend the afternoon and have fun watching the interaction of this beautiful species. Do not feed them, you can give them food that is not suitable for them and make some of these beautiful specimens sick.

Take a good photo, sunbathe with them, and have a lot of fun.

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