Rhinocerous iguana

Cone shaped scales

The Rhinoceros iguana, also known as the horned iguana, which is typical of the Caribbean islands. It is especially the most aggressive iguana in existence, don’t go near it, you will surely learn a lesson the hard way.

Rhino iguana Characteristics

A great curiosity of the iguana is that it has three small cone-shaped scales on its snout, hence the name.

It is brown with blue and green colorations on its underside as well as on its tail and legs. It can measure between 20 and 5 inches long.

As in the rest of the species, the male is larger and heavier than the female.

Rhino iguana Food preferences

These iguanas are lovers of fruits, leaves, and flowers from their natural home. Although their nature is herbivorous, if given the opportunity, especially at an early age, they can eat small insects and eggs that they encounter along the way.

Apparently, over the months and years, they discover an unpleasant taste in the carnivorous diet and become 100% vegan.

Mating Time

Rhinoceros iguana in full

Unlike other species, their sexual maturity is much later, reaching it between 5 and 9 years of age. The iguana lays 15 to 20 eggs and usually does so 40 days after mating.

Three months later, voila, we have baby rhinoceros iguanas crawling all over the place.

Being young they are very active, curious, and adventurous.

Endangered Rhinoceros iguana

They are one of the most endangered species in the world today. In its beginnings, as the dominant vertebrate of its habitat, it did not possess predators until humans invaded its lands.

Initially, it was the indigenous people, they hunted them as a source of food, which decreased their numbers.

But it was not until the arrival of the Spanish that they put themselves in real danger. Not only the construction of houses that invaded their habitat but the introduction of domestic animals such as dogs and pigs that became their predators and placed them in the situation they are in today.

The Pet Rhinoceros iguana

Rhinoceros iguana in zoo

You can’t buy it in a pet store like other pet reptiles. This is impossible for many reasons.

As it is an endangered species it is protected by the authorities and its hunting, keeping at home or trafficking is illegal and punishable with jail depending on the country where the crime is committed.

They are not domestic animals, on the contrary, they are quite aggressive and difficult to cope with, even for animal scientists specializing in reptiles.

The only pet rhinoceros iguanas that exist are not pets. They are found in zoological, protection, and research centers that try to make an effort to increase their numbers and although their reproductive activity does not stop in captivity, the complexity of their care makes this a very difficult task.

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