Having a pet snake

Green colored pet snake

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a snake as a pet, but not knowing if it is the best for you, its adaptability to the home, find out quickly.

So much is the diversity in the home when choosing an animal company, that the snake does not escape this idea. There are domestic snakes, with the characteristics of a harmless reptile, with a calm character, there are also the most poisonous snakes in the world such as the taipan snake or the cobra that not only will you not be able to buy in a pet store, their possession is illegal in almost any home.

Before buying a Pet Snake

Beautiful colored snake

You should keep in mind with the local authorities that the possession of a snake as a pet is not an illegal matter, you can also check it in any pet store.

Being an exotic animal for the house, the main recommendation is to buy it from a certified pet store in your city.

There are many poisonous species, other species are in danger of extinction, other species are of illegal possession, and behind this beautiful animal, there is a fairly exploited illegal trade.

If you still decided to have a snake as a pet, we explain the care that this will entail. They can live up to 20 years with the proper care

Can a snake be a pet?

This reptilian animal indeed instills an irrational fear in people because of fears about attacks and dangers of these specimens, it must be borne in mind that only in a wild environment can they become dangerous, but if we correctly choose the species that we can buy, we will not we have nothing to worry about.

Snakes are not loyal animals, this means that they will not show affection towards their owners, they are not a dog and they will not come to your side out of an instinct of affection.

When subjected to an inappropriate environment, they become stressed and aggressive.

The danger is also determined by its size, some can measure 25 centimeters and others can reach an impressive 10 meters in length.

Snakes and children

Pet snake drinks outdoors

Children are the main determinant when it comes to having a pet at home, with snakes there is no difference. You should keep in mind that a smaller snake will be the recommended option because it facilitates its handling and they are easier to train so that they are more sociable companions.

Children will want to play with it and curiosity will lead them to manipulate them. Your children must also understand that they are not a toy and are an animal that deserves respect. Encourage them to draw an iguana or a snake.

Advantages of having a snake as a pet

If you are a busy person who wants some company at home, a snake will be your ideal pet. With basic care at home, this beautiful reptile will be your perfect pet.

How to care for a snake at home?

The first measure of care is to have a suitable snake terrarium. In the same pet store where you buy the snake, you can buy its house, which will adapt to your size when it grows up.

You must keep the terrarium clean, regularly change the sand, collect the remains of its usual skin change, and it must have a temperature that exceeds 25 ° C or we will put our animal in danger of death.

The snake does not need to eat regularly, a bite of food every week or every fortnight is sufficient.

They don’t chew their food, so their food, that is, their prey, gradually breaks down inside it, releasing the nutrients and food it needs daily.

They are carnivorous, so we will feed them mainly with mice, fish, and small birds. It is better to give them live food since this will stimulate them to eat, they tend to avoid food when it does not motivate their instincts.

You should always supplement their diet with specific vitamin supplements that can be found in almost any vet that sells reptiles as pets.

Clean and fresh water at your disposal as well as a visit to the vet at least once a year to avoid illness.

The most common domestic snakes as pets

For beginners in this world, we will recommend some species that due to their size and temperament are the best decision if they are determined to have this exotic animal at home. If you want to know more about the best pet snakes for beginners you can visit petsnake.top, an excellent resource for pet snake lovers

Corn Snake

Corn snake as a pet

It is the most popular pet snake on the market. It measures approximately one meter.

It is very docile and easy to bear. It feeds on small animals like worms and crickets.

Indian Python

Indian python as a pet

It is not any Python, it is the most sociable on the market, but keep in mind that they can measure up to 5 meters.

Although their impressive size does not intimidate you, they are very treatable for humans but due to their large size, they require larger terrariums so that they can move comfortably and this does not affect their temperament.

Royal Python

Royal python as a pet

Unlike the Indian Python, they measure between 1 and 2 meters, making them easier to manipulate. A beautifully colored animal that is known to be very sociable with people.

Milk Snake

Milk snake as a pet

It is one of the most striking options, measuring between half a meter and a meter and a half. They are composed of red, black, and yellow tones. It feeds on amphibians, insects and small crustaceans.

Attack of a pet snake

The snake at home will quickly get used to your presence, especially if it has been domesticated in the pet store or has been there for a long time.

As long as you have the optimal conditions of temperature, hydration, and feeding, the snake will not see you as a threat or food, so it will not attack you.

Keep in mind that being locked in a terrarium does not have the possibility of running away, so if you see that your only option is to attack in the face of a latent threat, do not provoke it unnecessarily.

Do not open the cage only to feed it, if this becomes routine, the snake will learn that the cage only opens to receive food and will attack the first thing that enters it, that is, your hand.

Open the lid of your terrarium also to caress it, to interact with it, and thus you will learn that not everything that enters your habitat is food.

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